Dear African Food Lover,

Do you want to make outstanding African Cuisine that will have your family and friends begging you for the recipe?

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Who Says That Making African Cuisine Was Hard?

For over years now ,many people have requested me African Cuisine recipes --recipes that really work. Tasty recipes they love each and every day. But they also wish the possibility to cook such dishes at home for themselves, their family members and their guests. They asked me to write a unique cookbook. Here it is!

Until now, these recipes have been secret African Dish recipes.
Now you can use them to cook like a real chef.



This Cookbook has around 19 recipes of some of the most delicious West African dishes. Some of the Most popular recipes included in the cookbook are:

  • Beans with Tomatoes and Meat
  • Beef Stew Recipe
  • Ceebu Jen (Rice with Fish)
  •  Jollof Rice with Meat
  • Chicken Yassa (Chicken with Onions)
  • Fish Ball Stew
  • Fish Roll (Fataya)
  •  Fried Chicken
  •  Fufu Banana
  • Meat Suya (Beef Kebab)
  • Okra Soup
  • Palm Nut Soup and many others!


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