African Soups And Stews Recipes

African Soups are very different from what the western world call soups and the same goes for sauces and stew.

In Africa, some so called soups are very heavy but you may find others that are light but they are all essential for African meals, they are often served with staple foods such as rice, fufu and others.

Some soups or stew  are often made from vegetable leaves such as sweet potato leaves, cassava leaves , N'Dole, Ukazi  and many others, usually meat, fish or poultry are also added to the dishes.

In this page you will find all my recipes for soups and stew. Try some and Enjoy!

Beef stew

There are tons of ways to make beef stew and this is the most delicious way I have found to make it with a lot of vegetables.

Fish balls Stew Recipe

Fish balls stew is a well known stew in many West African countries, the fish balls are cooked in a tomato stew with some vegetables.

Palm nut soup Recipe

Palm nut soup or palm butter soup is my favorite West African soup. The soup is very famous in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria...

Fish Stew Recipe

This fish stew is very simple to make and so yummy. It can be served with Fufu or cooked rice....

Peanut Soup With Chicken

They are lot of varieties of peanut butter soup, it can be made  with beef, fish, chicken or completely vegetarian.  For this recipe, I used chicken but can substitute it with the meat of your choice.

Spinach Stew with Chicken

In this recipe, I’m going to show you an easy way to make chicken with spinach stew. This spinach stew is not only so delicious but quick and simple.

Okra Soup Recipe

Okra Soup is one of the most famous dishes in Africa.

It is usually served with rice or Fufu.

Meatballs Recipe

I love meatballs and make them very often.  However making meatballs can sometime be a little challenging but with this recipe, I promise it will is be extremely   easy to make it and very delicious.....

Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa is the delicious Senegalese stew which is also known as Yassa au poulet.

 The chicken is marinated with lemon and mustard for hours before it been cooked.

Egusi Soup Recipe

Egusi soup is made from ground melon seed and can be served with any type of FuFu ( pounded yam, Gari ….) . 

This is an easy way to make Egusi stew yet very delicious.

Potato Greens Recipe

There are many ways to cook sweet potato leaves and this recipe will show you a simple, rich and delicious was to make it.

Cassava Leaves Stew

Cassava leaves soup is widely consumed in West and central Africa. In Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea this stew is part of the meals almost every day.

Groundnut Stew with smoked fish

This soup is made with smoked fish and it is my favorite African soup.

 Since smoked fish and dried fish is widely consumed in Africa, you may find this soup in many African countries especially in West Africa.

Pepper Puree

I always keep this chili pepper puree in my refrigerator and serve my meals with it.  It is extremely easy to make and can be kept for weeks.

Chicken with beans

Beans are very present in the African cuisine, it can be made with chicken, beef or any types of meat. 

This recipe is simple beans casserole made with ...

Smoked Fish Stew

This African smoked fish stew is a favorite among Ghanaian and Guinean. It is a very famous stew over there, people from Guinea love this soup (or stew) not only for its good taste but also for its simplicity during the cooking process.

Pumpkin soup Recipe

The West African version of pumpkin soup is totally different from the western one.

This pumpkin soup is more like a thick stew and it is served with rice.

Hot tomato sauce

A simple and quick recipe on how to make hot tomato sauce to serve with puff puff, fried plantains or Akara...

Egg Stew

A simple recipe of egg stew served with boiled potatoes..

Chicken Stew

A simple and healthy African chicken stew that can be served with rice or anything.

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