African Drinks

In this page you'll find some recipes on how to make African drinks.

I love my African drinks so much from hibiscus juice, ginger beer to tamarind juice . There are extremely good for health and  also very refreshing.

Ginger Beer (or Ginger drink)

West African ginger beer (ginger drink) it is a non-alcoholic drink.

It does not only taste very good but it is also very good for health.

Sorrels drink (Zobo drink)

Sorrel drink also known as  roselle juice , Zobo  drink or bissap is made from dried hibiscus flowers, it is widely  consumed in West Africa but also In Jamaica and Asia.

Tamarind Drink Recicpe

 Here is a super simple recipe of tamarind juice to refresh you after a long day. I often make big quantities and kept in my refrigerator for up to ten (10) days.

Mango Jam Recipe

A very simple and delicious recipe of mango Jam proposed by my good friend Adele

African Recipes

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